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In the instantly recognisable Savile costume, Steve looked haggard as whisps of light grey hair escaped from beneath his beanie hat. Steve and his co-star looked downbeat as they furrowed their brows and looked to the floor while they exchanged dialogue surrounding by film crew. Any disruption of the tear film can result in blurred vision; repeated breaches can permanently damage the cornea. If the damage had been limited to her corneal nerves, maybe it would have been enough. At the charity, some of Rosenthal’s patients had such severe eye damage that the lenses couldn’t restore their sight. The “father of the gas-permeable contact lens”, as he is sometimes known, pioneered the introduction of lenses that didn’t smother the eyes – unlike other body parts, the surface of the eye depends on air instead of blood for its oxygen supply. Based on Belmonte’s research, he believes damaged nerve sensors can become so hypersensitive that they send pain signals to the brain even with a normal surface temperature and an intact tear film. Belmonte’s research has suggested that sensors at the ends of specialised corneal nerves can indirectly measure the thickness of the eye’s tear film by sensing a drop in temperature at the corneal surface.

As the tear film evaporates and exposes more of the cornea to air, Belmonte says, these sensors detect a colder surface temperature and trigger an alarm that’s perceived as a dry, painful sensation. The intensive workshops are also delving deeply into subcategories such as surgery or drug-induced dry eye and abnormal pain and sensation. There’s considerably less harmony among researchers struggling to reach a consensus on the main contributors to the condition targeted by the blinking campaign: an unwieldy catch-all of dysfunction known as ‘dry eye disease’. The Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society has played the part of independent arbiter and recently launched its second round of workshops aiming to forge a better consensus on how dry eye disease should be defined and diagnosed. In 2013, the nonprofit Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society launched an international public awareness campaign, Think Blink, about the importance of blinking regularly to maintain healthy eyes. The density of nerves in and around the cornea may help the brain send a clear warning if it senses a threat to the protective tear film that keeps our eyes healthy.

Ophthalmologists are still unable to fit cases like this into the traditional definition of dry eye disease, Rosenthal contends, because the existing framework largely ignores the significant contribution of corneal nerves or wiring in the brain that may be sending faulty information. Nonetheless, he and his supporters are taking direct aim at lingering scepticism over whether nerve-mediated eye pain is even a real phenomenon. But Rosenthal believes years of heightened pain and light sensitivity can rewire the brain, unplugging some connections and reinforcing others. The decision to chronicle Savile’s life has come under fire from many, however BBC has stated that they worked with his victims and will portray a story ‘with sensitivity and respect’. For Rosenthal, the turning point came in 2007, when he examined a patient from Oregon who suffered from intense eye pain and light sensitivity after she was accidentally exposed to ultraviolet radiation at work. Anat Galor, an ophthalmologist at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami in Florida. In what he calls his “last hurrah”, Rosenthal teamed up with Harvard University pain specialist David Borsook to lay out his ideas in a May 2015 review in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

The official campaign song ‘Blink Around the World’, a high-energy dance anthem sung by Italian pop star Sabrina, wouldn’t have been out of place in the Eurovision Song Contest. Rosenthal founded the nonprofit Boston Foundation for Sight in 1992 to help get the expensive scleral lenses to patients who had run out of other options, wave cap and durag regardless of their ability to pay. In 1960, as a 26-year-old medical resident, he founded the contact lens service at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. Temporarily quieted the pain-provoking dry eye alarm by preventing even a slight drop in the surface temperature due to tear evaporation. He fitted her with his oversized scleral lenses, red velvet durag which submerged the surface of each cornea in a pool of oxygen-rich artificial tears. And in any one patient, multiple problems on or under the eye’s surface could be contributing to the discomfort. One point of all those pain-producing nerves, according to evolutionary biologists, is self-preservation.

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